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Welcome to therapy that helps you feel seen and understood.

Therapy for Asian Americans: Text

Growing up Asian American often meant juggling conflicting expectations, desires, and messages all around you. As a result, you didn't always feel a sense of belonging.

Whether you are 1.5 generation, 2nd generation, or beyond, being Asian American comes with its unique nuances. Your family may have a rich immigration or diaspora history that may include yourself or your history as recent as 1 or 2 generations ago. You might be used to playing the role of translator for your parents or grandparents from a young age. You're tuned into the cultural norms of both your Asian heritage and Western American ideals—but they didn't always agree with each other. It led to conflict between you and your parents, or even an internal conflict of identity inside of yourself. Worries about disappointing your family or adding stress to their already stressful lives made you anxious and kept you high-achieving and perfect. With mental health often having such a negative stigma amongst traditional Asian communities, you didn't always have anyone to talk to about your thoughts and feelings.

Therapy for Asian Americans: Text

The Asian American experience is nuanced and unique. And that's what makes mental health for our community so important. 

Some of the challenges that my Asian American clients have faced include: 

  • Dysfunctional family dynamics

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Emotional neglect or lack of attunement

  • Abandonment or separation in childhood

  • Immigration trauma

  • Being the adult child of emotionally immature parents

  • Mental health stigma

  • Racial trauma and discrimination

  • Cultural and language barriers

  • Biracial & mixed-race identity

  • Transracial adoption experiences (an Asian person adopted into a non-Asian family)

  • Navigating career ambitions as an Asian American

  • Navigating relationship issues, including interracial relationships and dating, from an Asian American perspective

Therapy for Asian Americans: Text


As a Chinese-American therapist, I know the challenges of finding a therapist who understands your background and context.

I believe that therapy should take into account all of your identities and cultural nuances. You don't have to endure misunderstandings or microaggressions when you're already dealing with a lot. If you're ready to get started, send me a message below to book your free consultation. I'm excited to get to know you.

Therapy for Asian Americans: Text
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